Three Terrace Houses

NSW Planning Dept
Competition Entry

Medium density housing study for a typical suburban block in Sydney’s Middle Suburbs

Key Design Moves

  • Test application/suitability of a low-rise and small- scale medium density housing development model as a way to gently integrate into garden suburbs through stepping down of volumes. (D1, D3, V1)
  • Select typical suburban lot with irregular shape
    to test application of terrace housing as a higher autonomy model alternative to strata units and town houses (D2).
  • Break down mass across sites for maximum light, air, 􏰂rivate o􏰂en s􏰂ace, flexible s􏰂ace to suit diverse occu􏰂ation ty􏰂es􏰃 rentable flat (inco􏰀e generation), ho􏰀e of􏰁ce􏰄worksho􏰂 (increase dayti􏰀e activity in suburbs and less reliance on commuting to work), granny flat (􏰅􏰆).
  • Separate vehicle and people movement by adding a common rear lane to provide superior public domain interface, improve passive surveillance of street, and provide opportunities for secondary dwellings (D3).
  • Provision of Detached Studio to support inter- generational living or extended families living on one plot of land.
  • Encourage mixed use activity in the suburbs.
  • Provide operability in the facade and screening systems for solar and privacy control as well as activating the street through dynamic architectural aesthetic (V1).
  • Projected and sculpted openings to provide shading to glazing, scoop in sunlight and provide articulation of facades (D3).
  • Bottom garage level as extension of outdoor covered outdoor living space (SECTION).
  • F􏰇ront room􏰀 as flexible s􏰂ace􏰃 bedroo􏰀 for 􏰈niversal Access, lounge for large families, as study/guest roo􏰀 for s􏰀aller fa􏰀ilies or ho􏰀e of􏰁ce (􏰉􏰊􏰋􏰌).
  • Green walls and planted pergolas to soften the building into the landscape and provide visual and solar screening (V1, V2).