Bendalong Beach House

Young couple
Architectural & Landscape

Brief: Envisaged as a permanent camp, the brief was to create a relaxed and flexible beach house for a young couple and their extended families to come together on holidays and enjoy nature, surf and each others company.

Challenges: Designing a house that can open up at Christmas when the whole family are over, and then completely close down when not in use, be suitable for bush fire prone land and be resistant to high termite activity.

Solutions: Two detached pavilions, one for living and one for sleeping, wrap around a central north-facing courtyard. The courtyard provides additional living space when extended family stay. The pavilions are accessed via external covered deck, keeping unnecessary bulk down and nestling the house into the landscape and adjoining Bendalong National Park. Daylight is filtered by the generous eucalyptus canopy above.

Highlights: Designing a house that is respectful to its beautiful bushland setting and blurs the boundaries between inside and outside, giving the feeling of being immersed in the gumtrees.