Casa de Baso

Young family of five
Simon Whitbread

Brief: To breath new life into a 1950’s Northern Beaches classic that has undergone a number of ill conceived renovations, and open up the living spaces to create a generous and light home for a growing young family of 5.

Challenges: Working to an extremely tight budget it was decided to retain nearly all of the original home’s external envelope and target interiors and the rear of the house, areas suffering the most from adhoc renovations over the past 60 years. Untangling a network of poorly arranged rooms/doors/circulation spines, cutting off the rear of the house from the north facing garden.

Solutions: Creation of an open plan living space with the kitchen as central service spine and social hub, connecting and servicing adjoining social spaces of the dining to the rear garden and living to the front. A varied height ceiling throughout this space sets up a memorable rhythm and drama, ending with vaulted ceiling and skylight above the dining space. This acts as a kind of sun-dial, keeping occupants in touch with the time of day and the seasons. A large set of timber sliding doors completes the seamless visual connection to the garden.

Highlights: Being creative about how to work with an existing dwelling to completely transform the living experience while working to a tight budget. Successfully creating a sense of drama by adding a small vaulted ceiling and reconfiguring the existing ceiling.