Hinterland House

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Paul Pholeros
Architectural & Landscape

Brief: To design a modest family home for a young couple making a tree change and planning a family. Two bedrooms and a separate workshop to nestle gently into the undulating terrain of the site.

Challenges: Working with the contours of the site to ensure that a prominent ridge-line running down the centre was allowed to flow interrupted while capturing some breathtaking vistas of the Great Lake District. Sheltering from the harsh exposed nature of the site while drawing in the bushland setting. Making the home self-sufficient as the site is rural and not connected to town sewer and water.

Solutions: The natural topographic features of the site became the main organising element for the buildings. Dwelling and workshop are accommodated either side of the ridge to buffer the home from day to day farm work. The home is anchored into the slope on the west to bunker down from the harsh weather and sun while a highlight window captures canopy views of ancient eucalyptus trees. The home is split into a living a sleeping pavilion with a courtyard to buffer between the two.

Highlights: Collaborating with the renowned architect Paul Pholeros and enlightened clients who were intimately involved throughout each stage of design and particularly construction, as the project was expertly owner-built. The finished product is a home which dissolves into its setting and brings the majestic landscape into the daily lives of its inhabitants.