2016 Timber Design Awards Shortlist

Jewellery Box Studio

Visual Artist
Architectural & Landscape
Simon Whitbread

Brief: To create a painting studio for a part-time visual artist who works from home.

Challenges: Making the painting studio disappear within its garden setting and allowing the painter to feel like they are working “plein air”, drawing the garden into the space.

Solutions: Use of the Japanese technique of shou sugi ban (charred timber) on the hardwood cladding to give textural interest and allow the building to appear smaller and recede into its leafy site. Fine timber detailing and sliding doors that slide open letting the landscape in, jewellery box like, full of surprise and intricate detail.

Highlights: Use of timber in different ways to draw on its lesser known properties for self protection and vermin resistance through the charring process. The final building is immersed in the garden, simple and small, whilst always being surprising and inspiring.