City of Sydney
Public Art

Brief: Create a public art installation within Skittle Lane in Sydney’s CBD as part of City of Sydney’s Art and About summer programme, which aims to break misconceptions about life in the Western Suburbs and activate a forgotten laneway.

Challenges: Creating beauty from the everyday, drawing from a grungy laneway filled with ducts, exhaust fans and fire escapes, borrowing common elements and turning them into something sculptural as well as engaging to passer’s by.

Solutions: Four giant sculptural periscopes, made from ductwork and painted bright yellow invite audiences to peer into scenes from the suburbs as presented by four local film-makers from the Western Suburbs.

Highlights: Working with the City of Sydney and Mapa (Hugo Moline and Heidi Axelsen) to develop an engaging installation which transforms and activates the forgotten and overlooked Skittle Lane.