Riverview House


Brief: Alterations and additions to a 1950’s river front cottage and conversion of a working boatshed to create space for two professionals (and yogi) to work/practice yoga from home in separate spaces, entertain guests, connect with the natural environment and open into the greater room that is the Hawkesbury River. 

Challenges: Dealing with an incredibly steep sloping site, modest budget and limited access to site i.e. water only, with barges only able to pull up at high tide.

Solutions: Reconfigure the internal floor plan to open the kitchen into the dining and living spaces, as well as renewal of decks to east and west. A new northern deck provides shade to the studio below and an extension of the upstairs living room outwards. Creation of an indoor outdoor bathroom to the south of the house draws the steep sloping terrain and the natural beauty of the surrounding gum tree canopies into the bath. An outdoor bathroom is inserted beneath the underside of the house and services a separate home studio for quiet yoga practice. The boatshed is lined and re-roofed to create guest accommodation with an immersive river experience.

Highlights: Working on a beautiful site and fantastic clients.