Side Show

City of Parramatta
Public Art

Brief: To design an activation strategy for a laneway (Freemasons Arms Lane) in Parramatta CBD that engages with local residents, businesses and community organisations, is inspiring and demonstrates the creative potential for the forgotten spaces of our cities to be loved and celebrated as charming and exciting destinations for young and old.

Challenges: Overcoming the intrusive nature garbage bins, exhaust fans and parking, and re-thinking characterful elements such as fire-stairs and ducting.

Solutions: A staged reinterpretation of the lane through a series of mini projects and temporal events, including focussed cultural events, a staircase theatre, a pop-up laneway bar and collectivised rubbish.

Highlights: Working with a challenging site to create a bustling cultural hub that transforms people’s perception of where they work and live, gets people talking and celebrating forgotten spaces around them.