Driveway House St Peters

Brief: To sub-divide a driveway off an existing terrace home and design a new three bedroom home for a couple wanting a tree change in the Southern Highlands and a bolt-hole in the city to live part time when visiting their adult children. Challenges: Considering the the configuration of spaces on the narrow 3.6m wide site, whilst..

Boudoir Boulevarde

Brief: To adapt an existing Inter-War apartment, within a block of four apartments, to meet the needs of a downsizing household wanting to be close to their grandchildren. The brief includes a new kitchen and outdoor entertaining area, revamping the downstairs bathroom and creation of a new boudoir to an existing upstairs sunroom comprising of bath,..

Bendalong Beach House

Brief: Envisaged as a permanent camp, the brief was to create a relaxed and flexible beach house for a young couple and their extended families to come together on holidays and enjoy nature, surf and each others company. Challenges: Designing a house that can open up at Christmas when the whole family are over, and then completely close..

Hinterland House

Brief: To design a modest family home for a young couple making a tree change and planning a family. Two bedrooms and a separate workshop to nestle gently into the undulating terrain of the site. Challenges: Working with the contours of the site to ensure that a prominent ridge-line running down the centre was allowed to flow..