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Inspiring people. Respecting place. Celebrating connection.

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Adriano Pupilli Architects is a Sydney-based practice with a passion for thoughtful architecture, focused on people and place. We are committed to innovative and sustainable architectural solutions, creating buildings that foster joyful interactions between people and our urban, rural and coastal environments.

We believe that bigger is not necessarily better. We design smarter, finely- tuned buildings that fulfil our client’s brief, conserve finite natural resources and maximise value for money. Our approach is part instinctual, guided by years of industry experience, and part careful manoeuvring, guided by a vast knowledge of the latest design tools, sustainable building technologies and planning regulations.

Our architecture is clean, contemporary and vibrant, celebrating the inherent qualities of raw building elements, visually expressed and allowed to patina to tell their story. Our buildings are a lens to focus and enhance the opportunities of site, finding sight lines, nestling into topographical features, drawing in cooling breezes, warming northern sunshine and ambient moonlight.

Our architecture draws its inspiration from the people we work with, meaningfully engaging our clients and the occupants in the design process. We are champions of a collaborative design process, where architectural responses are informed and enriched by a respect for local culture and heritage, past practices and future aspirations of the occupants.


Merging instinctual design responses with a collaborative and participatory spirit. We listen and engage the client, occupants and stakeholders meaningfully in the design process, to deliver a tailored design solution.

Sawtooth House | Drummoyne

Meet The Team

A group of talented architects who think outside the box, employing the latest design tools, fabrication systems and design thinking to realise innovative and beautiful buildings that are environmentally responsible and financially achievable.

The Team

adriano pupilli

Director. Registered Architect NSW B. Architecture (Hons Class I). University of Sydney International Exchange Program University of California, Berkeley. B.Science (Architecture) University of Sydney.

Fiona Logge

M. Urban Planning, University of Melbourne. Architects Registration Board of Architects NSW. B. Architecture (Hons Class I) University of Sydney. B.Science (Architecture) University of Sydney.

Matt Ryall

BA (Hons Class I) Architecture & Planning, University of the West of England, UK. Btec National Diploma Art & Design, City of Bristol College, UK.



Mauricio Migliorelli

FADU Faculty of Architecture, Design and Urbanism, UBA Universidad de Buenos Aires.

Alex Cassar

Masters of Architectural Science (Sustainable Design), University of Sydney. Bachelor of Architecture, University of New South Wales.

Emma Harrison

Bachelor of Architecture, University of Sydney, NSW.


Alex Stark



Practice Strategy

Ally Morcombe

Culture and Values

inspiring people . respecting place . celebrating connection

We design smarter, finely-tuned buildings for life, work and play...high on function and low on consumption.


We believe that great architecture should respectfully evolve out of culture and place.

Beauty in Honesty

We love the natural beauty of raw materials, logic of fabrication and structural system, and celebrate them in our architecture.


We believe that quality design that promotes healthy, happy and safe living environments should be accessible to all.

Our Clients

We’re fortunate to have worked with some amazing clients including: Northern Beaches Council, City of Sydney, City of Parramatta, Charter Hall, University of New England, University of Sydney, University of Technology Sydney, NSW Government Architect’s Office, AnanguKu Arts & Culture Aboriginal Corporation, Waverley Council, Sydney Habour Foreshore Authority, Bondi Youth Accommodation, Healthabitat, Nganampa Health Council, Straddie Camping, Nihiwatu Eco Resort Sumba, Pandanus Resort Lord Howe Island. Read client testimonials.

Check out our Design Outreach Program to service those less fortunate in need of healthy and safe living environments. Click here to find out more.

Awards & Public Speaking Engagements

Australian Timber Design Awards (au)
IMBY Kit South Coast NSW - Small Budget - Winner

Australian Timber Design Awards (au)
Jewellery Box Studio Dulwich Hill - Finalist

The Waverley Design & Heritage Awards (au)
National Competition - Nominated

Visions For Our Future - Tusculum Talk (au)
National Conference - Invited Keynote Speaker

Emerging Architect - Australian Institute of Architects (au)
National Competition - Finalist

The £20k - International Building Trust (uk)
International Competition - Finalist

People Building Better Cities Bhopal - Global Studio (in)
International Conference - Invited Speaker

Pecha Kucha Hyde Park - Public Art (au)
National Conference - Invited Speaker

Design Parramatta - Design Charette - City of Parramatta (au)
International Competition - Winner

Art and About - Peripheralscopes - City of Sydney (au)
International Competition - Winner

Young Alumni Award - University of Sydney (au)
University Competition - Winner

Convocation Medal - University of Sydney (au)
State Competition - Finalist

Architecture Alumni Prize - University of Sydney (au)
University Competition - Winner

Berkeley Prize Travel Fellowship - University of California Berkeley (us)
International Competition - Winner

Board of Architects Prize - NSW Board of Architects (au)
National Competition - Winner

Byera Hadley Travelling Scholarship - NSW Board of Architects (au)
National Competition - Winner


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